Keep Kids Entertained With A Cool Jungle Gym

untitledKids spend a lot of time inside these days, playing on the computer, watching TV or updating their social media accounts. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get them to go outside and play, get some exercise, and see the sun once in a while? Why not surprise your children with the kind of toy that will really get them excited about going outside? An awesome jungle gym!

With the incredible imagination of a child, this isn’t just a play set; it’s a mighty fortress under siege, a dark dungeon to escape from, a thick forest full of wild beasts or a giant robot laying waste to the city! With all of that in the backyard, you’ll have trouble getting them back inside, and they’ll be building real friendships again when their friends all want to come over to play. Plenty of vital social skills are learned on the playground, so why should your children have to leave the fun at school when they come home for the day?

Playsets like these are easy to build and can have extra accessories attachedto expand the set. Don’t be afraid to encourage your kids to help out with the project. If the little ones are involved, they’ll be even more excited about an awesome new toy to build. With their attention focused, they’ll be building their creative skills, learning how to make things themselves and taking responsibility for their own entertainment, instead of having it fed to them by a screen.

Swing sets are just as fun, and they never get boring! What child doesn’t want to fly? A good swing set means that a trip to the park or playground is as easy as opening the back door and turning the kids loose. Active kids who get plenty of exercise will grow up healthier and have the idea that exercise is good for them instilled at an early age! And installing swing sets is even easier than setting up a jungle gym!

If a jungle gym or playground set isn’t your style, why not install a basketball hoop and get the whole family involved? Playing basketball is great because not only can the youngest members of the family get in on the action, but the oldest members can appreciate it as well while playing classic games of basketball, practicing free throws or even playing a game of H-O-R-S-E. There’s a reason sports are so important; they build teamwork skills, motor skills and help them to be comfortable in their own bodies. Playing at home can even cultivate a love of the sport, shaping your child to be the next Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James.

With so many great outdoor activity options, there’s no reason your kids have to spend all day in front of a computer for entertainment. Kids naturally love to run around outside and there’s no better way to encourage them to do so than with a cool playground right in your own backyard!

Child health blogger Kyle Randling advises his readers on where to get the best play equipment for children in order to ensure they get the exercise they need to stay healthy. You can find an amazing Play Rainbow swing set and other jungle gym systems online at the Play Rainbow website and Kyle highly recommends you check it out!

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