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From JV 11/3/2013

I went to see Enrico to address what I thought was a food allergy issue, honestly skeptical about acupuncture but willing to try something different since Western medicine had not offered solutions. With Enrico’s help I have addressed that and achieved so much more. With his guidance, support and treatment, I am managing the stress of my career in a

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Testimonials reprinted from

Here are some recent testimonials reprinted from that I would like to share.

Not only do my appointments never get canceled last minute, they take time out of their day to send me a reminder so I don’t forget. They are extremely reliable. They make an extra effort to get to know their clients and find out what they

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Thank you for helping my child

My daughter was a healthy baby until she received a series of inoculations at 3 years of age. She became very sick. Finally when she was 9 years old she had a liver biopsy. The doctor told me that my daughter’s liver was dieing. Her blood tests were very bad. Her belly swollen from ascites. Her complexion was very pale

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